2010. okt 18.

Energiabrigádok Ukrajnában

írta: Lohász Cili
Energiabrigádok Ukrajnában

Szerző: Lohász Cili

Ablakokat szigetelt egy nemzetközi csapat Ukrajnában. Energiahatékonyság a nyári táborban!

International work camp is over! Authority is the next to work!
August 2-15, 2010 was the time of International Work Camp in Mlyniv
secondary school No.3. The Camp was devoted to complex window heat
insulation. 60 windows were insulated. The work was done by 12
volunteers, 9 of them came from France, Germany, South Korea, the
Czech Republic, Belgium and Italy.
International Work Camp is an unusual event for Ukraine, but it is
quite common in the world. People from different countries come to
these camps by their own cost to work, to see a new country, to make
new friends and to do a favor for those who need their help.
The Camp is a part of the international project "Local Energy
Sustainability for Schools and Our Neighbourhood - LESSON" which is
financed by the Government of Slovenia and coordinated by the NGO
"Focus" (Lubliana, Slovenia). The project made it possible to buy all
necessary materials for the window insulation. Thanks to collaboration
with the Ukrainian Association for Youth Co-operation "Alternative-V"
it was possible to widely spread information on the Camp in over 40
countries and supply meals for the participants. As a result 9 foreign
volunteers take part in the work", - Olga Lyaschuk, a Coordinator of
the project in Ukraine, said.
"Mlyniv school won the right to host an international work camp
because the school was able to demonstrate readiness to effectively
organize the camp. And we did not mistake with the choice! All
dependent on school was carried out in very good way. "Thanks a lot to
all its employees and in particular the Director Yakovets Sergiy" -
continues to Olga.
The main task of the Work camp was window insulation with the help of
modern effective and cheap methods. But reducing heat losses through
the windows is not the only aim of the project. The insulated windows
will keep the classrooms warmer but the amount of necessary gas supply
will be less. Spreading simple energy effective methods in our country
will diminish the burden on the environment from producing and using
Most people consider energy saving to be very expensive. Warming
ordinary wooden windows denies this statement. The named window
insulation is a cheap and effective method to lessen gas consumption
for heating. It affords to save average 15% costs for heating, since
the indoor temperature goes 4 degrees up and the draughts disappear.
Moreover, no forced ventilation is needed as with hermetic
double-glazing units.
"Unfortunately, today Ukraine has no stimuli for introducing energy
saving in state funded institutions. But even having no assistance
from the state, schools are able to create comfortable conditions for
study and save heating costs. They need just to invite 5-6 persons to
provide insulation and buy cheap necessary materials (insulating tape,
silicone, glazing beads). Ecoclub can provide them with necessary
instruments and teach the steps of the work. You should just address
us" - Andriy Martynyuk, Chair of the Board of Ecoclub, said.
"It looks very odd that a foreign country government, being concerned
about energy saving, supports the related activity in Ukraine while
the position of our authorities, so to say, is difficult to
understand. Increasing energy efficiency of the buildings is really
the gold-mine for Ukraine. What will happen after window insulation?
In the first place, it will upgrade working conditions of the
personnel. In the second place, it will considerably cut down
consumption of the precious Russian gas, and consequently decrease the
greenhouse gases emission which is the major reason of climate change.
In the third place, it will provide new work places. That is why local
authorities should do their best to stimulate and support every
activity in this field. The situation should not be like it is now
when the school has got only warmer classrooms and moral benefits for
their work. Alas, there are no other stimuli in our legislation. That
is to say, no mechanisms to return the saved costs exist in Ukraine.
All the savings will go to the general budget. To make the energy
efficiency activity popular the state funded institutions should get
at least a half of the saved costs", - Olga Lyaschuk claimed.
See the work stages and photos of other engaged works at

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